Victory Gain your independence press release [EMEA]
Victory feiert seinen 17.Geburtstag presse-information [German]
  • Brand comes of age as it celebrates 17 years of manufacturing motorcycles
  • Recent shift into racing at the Isle of Man TT and Pikes Peak signals new direction
  • Owners throughout EMEA continue to customise their machines for more performance

The 4th of July marked the start of Victory Motorcycle’s move into adulthood as it turned 17 years old.

The brand has built a loyal following for its cruiser, bagger and touring models since 1998, but recent activities at the Isle of Man TT and at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, point to a new direction for the brand as it comes of age and starts to explore exciting opportunities.

Performance is a big part of the appeal of Victory ownership and those buying one of its machines often go on to add accessories to either improve the look of their ride or boost the performance. As the brand says: “The stock bike is just the start.”

Dario Baraggia, EMEA Brand Manager for Victory Motorcycles explains why so many Victory owners like to customise their machines: “People like to be different and independent, to tailor their motorcycle, express their personality and create a one-of-a-kind product. There are different levels of customisation, starting from just picking some original accessories like exhausts or billet parts from the Victory Accessories catalogue, to extreme preparation made by very professional customisers.

“The US custom scene often leads the trends: currently the trend is on baggers with a big front wheel, strong paint and powerful audio systems – Victory launched the Magnum last year, the first custom bagger to come out from the factory, which has a 21” wheel, a great paint scheme and a 100W audio system.”

The head of apparel, accessories and parts, Andreas Geisinger, is best placed to see what Victory owners in the EMEA region are doing with their machines. He says he sees riders and professional customisers building bikes with enormous passion for it. “Some of them become works of art,” he enthuses. “You can feel that this is what they love to do. Lots of these customisers set the trends which then influence motorcycle designers’ future bike sketches. With our wide selection of Victory accessories we give these bike enthusiasts a perfect base to make a Victory their own.”

While it’s thought that the US is the only country taking customising seriously, there are plenty of owners throughout the EMEA region that are crafting and creating some good looking motorcycles.

One of the most recent customised bikes is from Germany and called ‘Viva Las Vegas’. It’s been made by Volker Sichler from Hollister’s Motorcycles using a mixture of official Victory accessories and custom-made parts. Volker says: “The Victory Vegas itself is already an icon of an urban, individual and easy-going lifestyle. With the Viva las Vegas we came up with a nostalgic, yet elegant look, with a touch of hot rod-attitude.”

Here’s a look at what’s happening in other countries:


Name: PM Cool Springer
Original model: Hammer 8-Ball
Who made it? PM American Cycles AG; Switzerland; Patrick Meyer
Who for? Show bike
How long to build? Three months
What are the key customisations?  Springer fork, Beringer inboard brakes, smaller tank and all cables are integrated inside the handlebars
What Patrick Meyer says about it? “Design a beautiful individual eye catcher through creativity and craftsmanship.”


Name: Jackpot
Original model: Jackpot
Who made it? Jonnie Thorstad 52
Who for? Himself
How long to build? During the winters of 2013, 2014 and 2015
What are the key customisations? Parts from Victory, Lloydz Motorworkz, Beringer and KewlMetal
What Jonnie Thorstad says about it: “This is my hobby and it’s just for fun and to my own taste. Everyone asks how my Jackpot runs with such a wide rear tyre and a 26” front wheel. I can only say speed and handling works very well. I spent much time on this. Safety is important for me. 
All of the custom work and fitment and engine modifications were done by myself, except the paint.”


Name: Limited Edition Cross Country (six made)
Original model: Cross Country
Who made it? Jan-Birger Vistven at Verdal Baat Scooter & MC
Who for? Himself
How long to build? Two weeks
What are the key customisations? A 23” front wheel, fender, raked front end, rear fender with fillers, Lloyds Motorworkz engine cam kit and air filter kit, Powercommander and Jekyll & Hyde exhaust. Creates 108hp at the rear.
What the builder says about it? “I wanted to create a different Cross Country compared to others. It is built to still have very good riding characteristics as all Victory bikes originally have. The best thing about this bike is the front wheel with the rake kit. It is very easy to ride. The engine runs very well with this set up, something that people do not expect.”


Name: The Affliction High Ball
Original model: High Ball
Who made it? Victory Motorcycles South Africa and Cardinals Motor Corporation
Who for? Customised for Affliction SA clothing for their 10 year anniversary
How long to build? Four weeks
What are the key customisations? Paint work, pegs, air filter, grips, side number plate, wrap around indicators. The bike is a contrast of matt and high gloss paint with the 10 year Affliction Anniversary decals and Affliction decals and logos.
What the builder says about it? “This High-Ball is all about cranked-up performance and stripped-down style. Affliction is a clothing brand who leads when others follow. Together they complement each other as they are both built for speed and have cutting-edge style and performance.”

Victory has also been running a ‘Modern American’ demo tour in many countries, giving riders the chance to test ride Victory’s latest models and experience American performance for themselves. Every new bike comes with a five year warranty too.

Click here to see more about the demo tour and test ride dates here> The Modern American Roadshow begins.



Victory has the most satisfied owners according to this Consumer Report link >

Victory Motorcycles became increasingly involved in racing this year. It is competing in the USA’s national drag racing championship (NHRA) and is sponsoring Ers Erbacher’s drag racing team.

Victory Motorcycles came third in the electric Zero TT race on the Isle of Man. And at Pikes Peak, it entered a hand-built bike, called Project 156, which had a prototype V-Twin engine.


Victory Motorcycles designs, engineers, manufactures and markets a full line of cruisers, baggers and touring motorcycles. Every Victory model delivers industry-leading performance, comfort, style, storage and reliability. The first Victory was produced on the Fourth of July, 1998, in Spirit Lake, Iowa, where every Victory motorcycle continues to be produced today. Information about Victory motorcycles, apparel and accessories is available at

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