Victory Motorcycles has introduced the newest member to its Bagger range – the Magnum X-1.

The new bike model was unveiled at the Full Moon Saloon during Daytona Bike Week as the Grammy Award-nominated band Godsmack played to the audience.

The Magnum X-1 is designed for serious music fans, celebrating the culture and lifestyle that Victory motorcycle owners thrive on – it has 10 speakers dotted around the bike with a power rating of 200W. This make the X-1 four times louder than the Cross-Country bike and two times louder than the standard Magnum.

Other additions to make the X-1 Magnum special include:

  • Black 21-inch wheels billet cut from from a single block of aluminum
  • an LED headlight that is 74% brighter than the headlight on the Cross Country. It’s smoke tinted too.
  • an unique paint job. It’s ‘electric red’ over gloss black

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