• Test rides available at Victory Motorcycles dealerships between now and September
  • Try out the new Gunner and Magnum
  • Put the ‘Modern American’ range to the test

Dealers selling Victory Motorcycles in the EMEA region have kicked off their roadshows, giving bikers the opportunity to test the firm’s range of ‘Modern American’ machines.

This year, Victory Motorcycles is all about power and performance, and the roadshows will allow riders to throw their legs over the awesome range of thoroughbred, big-bore American V-Twin motorcycles at locations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Victory Motorcycles continues its mantra of “Ride one and you’ll own one” this year and those who test ride a Victory for the first time will discover why the brand is shouting about its ‘Modern American performance’.

This ‘Modern American’ brand positioning is spearheaded by new imagery, seen on the firm’s website, brochure and marketing materials. Special photoshoots took place at an old Tramway Gas Station in Palm Springs and at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles to capture the backdrops. Shoots then took place in Thunder Studios in Long Beach, where the Gunner, Hammer S and Cross Country were rigged up at various lean angles so they could be set against the backdrops captured in the earlier shoots. The photographer was Freddy Fabris of Fabris Photography (www.fabrisphoto.com) under the art direction of Lucy Ann-Matthews from brand communications agency GPL (www.swgpl.com).

A video showing the photoshoot for the ‘Modern American’ campaign is at the following URL: http://youtu.be/LPkq16FF1TI

Dario Baraggia, brand motorcycle manager for EMEA explains the messaging behind the ‘Modern American’ campaign: “Victory’s bikes undoubtedly have a strong American theme, but we wanted to express how they differentiate from competitors’ offerings,” he says. “Victory Motorcycles are definitely modern, both in terms of technology and design (four valves per cylinder, the Baggers and Touring bikes have cast aluminum frames). We therefore wanted to show Victory motorcycles in action, flexing their muscle in unexpected and modern American settings.”

There has been a surge of interest in Victory Motorcycles over the past year as riders start to discover the benefits of Victory’s cruisers, baggers and touring models. The Hammer S model has been particularly popular and in the past year. As has the Judge and the Cross Country. The roadshows will give riders the chance to try out these particular bike models as well as the new Gunner and Magnum models.

Another reason why more bikers are turning to Victory is because of their reliability and performance. Earlier this month the US-based organisation ‘Consumer Reports’ carried out a survey to find out which motorcycle brand has the highest owner satisfaction – and Victory Motorcycles came out top. Test rides can now be booked up online. Here is the schedule of roadshows taking place across the EMEA region over the coming months:

Roadshow dates in France
14,15,16,17 May: Customs Planet – 31330 – Granada
22, 23, 24 May: Victory Centre Poitiers – 86000 – Poitiers
28,29,30 May: Indian Victory Paris – 75017 – Paris
29,30,31 May: Breizh Riders – 35760 – Montgermont
5,6,7 June: V Twin Garage – 33000 – Bordeaux
19,20,21 June: Victory Lyon – 69760 – Limonest
26,27,28 June: Victory Normandy / Alain Moto – 14100 – Lisieux
3,4,5 July: Victory Limoges – 87280 – Limoges
10,11,12 July: Victory Biarritz – 64210 – Biarritz
17,18,19 July: Track Motor – 17440 – Aytre

Please direct readers to book a test ride at this link > http://roadshow2015-fr.gt2.fr/

Roadshow dates in Sweden
15, 16 May: Borås, Lugnets MC Center
29, 20 May: Bromölla, Claessons Motor
10 June: Luleå Roadshow, Stonetown Custom
11 June: Umeå Roadshow, Stonetown Custom
13 June: Sundsvall Roadshow, Stonetown Custom

Please direct readers to book a test ride at this link > http://victorymotorcycles.se/roadshow/

Roadshow dates in Norway
10 to 16 May: CBP, Skien
18 to 24 May: Twin Thunder, Lyngdal
25 to 31 May: Verdal Båt Scooter & MC, Trondheim

Please direct readers to book a test ride at this link > http://vicdev15-2.no.gt2.fr/roadshow/

Roadshow dates in the UK
23 May: Motorcycle Centre Orrell – Gathurst Rd, Orrell, Lancashire, WN5 8QJ
30 May: HBC Motorcycles – 2 Triumph Road, Nottingham, NG7 2GA
07 June: Thunder Road – Arrow Mill Hotel, Arrow, Warwickshire, B49 5NL
13 June: Moore Speed Racing – Cortry Close, Pool, Dorset,  BH12 4QB
27 June: GS Motorcycles – 23 Pennybridge, Ballymena, BT42 3HB
05 July: Freedom Motorcycles – Mill View, March, Cambs PE15 8SY
01 August: Saltire Motorcycles – 553 Gorgie Rd, Edinburgh, EH11 3XX
22 August: Thor Motorcycles – Tretoil Works, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 5BA

Please direct readers to book a test ride at this link > http://victorydemotour2015-uk.gt2.fr/

Roadshow dates in Germany
4,5,6 June: Magic Bike Rüdesheim
3,4,5 July: Wings & Wheels Hamburg
7,8,9,10,11 September: Faak am See

Please direct readers to book a test ride at this link > http://victorymotorcycles.de/


  • Victory Motorcycles is becoming increasingly involved in racing this year. It is sponsoring a motorcycle drag racing team in the USA and Urs Erbacher’s drag racing team in Europe. The firm has also just announced ‘Project 156’ working with Roland Sands Designs to race at Pikes Peak in the USA in June 2015.